ISoP (International Society of Pharmacovigilance) Sempozyumu - Asia 2013, Singapur

Pharmacovigilance Across Borders in Asia

 Symposium, 19-20 and 21 March 2013

TUD SUV, Singapore

This 3-day symposium will be dedicated to serving the development and harmonisation of pharmacovigilance in Asia by creating the opportunity to exchange ideas with opinion leaders in pharmacovigilance from across Asia. A unique opportunity will be offered for representatives of pharmacovigilance centres of Asian Health Authorities and other stakeholders to exchange information about the pharmacovigilance system in their respective countries, as well as recent thinking, changes and other developments. In addition, a forum will be provided for exchanging ideas with experts from the region and beyond, some of whom will be giving lectures on advanced pharmacovigilance topics, trends and new issues of specific interest for pharmacovigilance professionals from Asia. 

This symposium is aimed at engaging all interested pharmacovigilance professionals, including those with responsibilities in pharmacovigilance centres belonging to National Health Authorities in Asia.

The programme will cover topics such as:                                                     

·      Pharmacovigilance reports from most National PV centres of Asian countries with panel discussion (e.g. E2B system, Risk minimization, ICSR, ethnic factors, and counterfeit products)

·      Update on WHO Drug Monitoring Programme

·      Methods for setting or improving a PV system in developing countries

·      Current trends in Pharmacovigilance

·      Detection and interpretation of signals and risk minimization methods

·      Risk communication

·      New European PV legislation and its impact in Asia

·      Risk Management plans in non-ICH countries

·      Pharmacovigilance guidance for tissue/stem cell therapy 


There will be ample opportunity to exchange views and ideas in discussions both following individual presentations, after the panel discussion at the end of the course, and during coffee breaks. 

The course will start on 19 March at 08.30 through to 17.30 and continue on 20 March at 08.30 through to 17.00 and 21 March at 08.30 through to 17.30 (1 hour lunch) 

This course is organized in the city-state of Singapore and in collaboration with the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC).

The faculty for this symposium consists of Asian and international experts in pharmacovigilance, representing government, academia, WHO-appointed organisation and industry. 

Speakers invited:

Andrew Bate (Pfizer, UK), Ian Boyd (Ian Boyd Consulting, Australia), Jean-Christophe Delumeau (Bayer, China), Brian Edwards (NDA, UK), Herve Le Louet (Henri Mondor Hospital, France), Ulrich Hagemann (Germany), Kenneth Hartigan-Go (FDA Philippines), Marco Tuccori (University of Pisa, Italy), Alexander Dodoo (University of Ghana Medical School), Marie Lindquist (Uppsala Monitoring Centre), Yola Moride (University of Montreal), Magnus Wallberg (Uppsala Monitoring Centre), Ian Wong (University of Hong Kong) and representatives from pharmacovigilance centers of Asian countries. 

Programme and Registration forms available from the ISoP Administration office or visit 

The cost for 3-day seminar (19, 20 and 21 March 2013)

650 EUROS for ISoP members 

900 EUROS for non members (incl one year ISoP membership)

350 EUROS for Low-middle income / emerging countries / students ISoP members

450 EUROS for Low-middle income / emerging countries / students non members (incl one year ISoP membership) 

The cost includes lunch with drinks and coffee break but does not include accommodation, dinner or travel.

Information on hotel available from the ISoP Administration office


Payment in Euros (payable to: International Society of Pharmacovigilance)

Bank transfers and Credit/Debit Card - PAYMENT ONLINE - VISA and MasterCard only accepted

(Payment online available from January 2013)

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